Ragers gonna rage: BF1 players unhappy with server issues

fix it now

It’s been a great success since release day, millions of copies sold and players are thoroughly enjoying their purchase. Well, for some that is.  No game today comes without its issues in multiplayer (I stand to be corrected) – some being minor little annoyances to play time-destroying gremlins eating away your happiness like the one serious flaw which has a lot of gamers demanding refunds.

No one likes the idea of purchasing a long awaited multiplayer title only to be greeted with that soul depleting message from the depths of hell stating that The EA Servers are offline. Please try reconnecting later. [Insert Expletives Here]. The apparent cause started with a big DDoS attack in early October, but seems the issues are mounting generating an onslaught tweets demanding refunds.

The affected servers have been predominantly in the UK and North America, but the problem is a global one. As usual, EA has claimed that the issues have been fixed. Unfortunately for them, it’s not entirely true as angered users are still reporting having suffered with the same issue.

There was a DDoS attack that took place during the Beta which could have set the stage to beef up their security on their servers. I guess, they weren’t thinking along the same lines.

Have any of our fellow Saffer BF1 players experienced this? If so, share your disappointment, disgust, gripe, you name it. We understand.

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