Turtle Rock releases final Left 4 Dead campaign

left for dead
Back in 2008 PC and Xbox 360 players were treated to the exceptional co-op shooter called Left 4 Dead. The game was ground-breaking with it’s AI Director system and it was no surprise that a sequel was released a year later after the success of the first title. The development team behind the game – Turtle Rock studios have not given up creating content for the game just yet as they have recently released the final campaign originally planned as DLC called “Dam it”.

Co-founder of Turtle Rock – Chris Ashton posted a link to the campaign on the Turtle Rock forums where you can go and download the new content. It looks like Turtle Rock will have more time on their hands now as since last week Evolve will no longer be working on the game in any form.

Unfortunately they won’t be working on left 4 Dead 3, as Dawid received a disappointing answer:

Source: Turtle Rock Studios

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