All you need to know about PSVR’s launch in South Africa


The PSVR has been making waves since it first released to the masses last month. With good reason, VR has been touted as the evolution of modern gaming for years now and Sony’s device is a wonderful introduction to the world because of its affordability and the fact that you only need the PS4 console to run it. Us South Africans are forced to wait a bit longer to get the device in our hands, but thankfully it won’t be too long.

Ster Kinekor has confirmed all of the details surrounding PSVR’s launch in South Africa including the price of the unit, the bundle and the price of the launch games. PSVR will officially launch in South Africa on the 24th of January 2017 at a price of R6499.99 for the standalone unit and R7299.99 for the PSVR bundle which will include a camera. Prices for launch games are below:

Here They Lie R349,99
Battlezone R899,99
Driveclub VR R599,99
EVE: Valkyrie R899,99
Hustle Kings VR R349,99
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard R999,99
RIGS Mechanized Combat League R899,99
Robinson: The Journey R899,99
Super Stardust™ Ultra VR R349,99
Until Dawn™: Rush of Blood R349,99
VR Worlds R599,99
Batman VR tbc

I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback by the local prices of the individual games, especially since the unit and the bundle are priced about as well as we expected. It shouldn’t be surprising considering the recent prices of games, especially on the PS4, but it does make the prospect of buying a PSVR much more nebulous.

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