Use Pokémon stickers in Twitter


Pokémon fans rejoice. In just a few days we’ll finally get to pick our new starters in Pokémon Sun & Moon. To celebrate the occasion with us, Twitter has included a few little stickers to add to your image tweets.

Following the mainstream success of Pokémon Go, I’m not surprised that the main game is getting some attention from social media companies. I took a quick peek at Twitter this morning and the stickers are already available. Simply upload an image to the app, tap on the smiley, and the stickers should appear. You can add the three new starters and a Pokéball on any image you want to. Personally, I think I’ll add Rowlett to any outdoorsy images I post.

I’m really looking forward to Pokemon Sun & Moon this Friday. I haven’t been following the mini-events in the demo, mainly because I’m too busy, so my need for a Pokémon fix is very high. I hope everyone has their Pokémon Banks prepped and ready to transfer Pokémon from Blue, Red and Yellow. It’s going to be a wonderful time for Pokémon fans.

I R 'Kaal'gat Kyle!

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