Z-moves and more Ultra Beasts in the latest Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer

Pokemon Sun & Moon Feature

It’s about 3 (8 for us) days until Pokémon Sun & Moon officially releases but the game has been out in the wild for quite a while now. Physical copies of the game were leaked a while back, with those who got their hands on these wild copies having a field-day setting spoilers out into the open. While yes, spoiling a Pokémon game isn’t the end of the world, Sun and Moon seems to be doing some interesting things that are probably left to be discovered by the players.

That being said it is still nice to see bits of the game before its release and the latest official reveals are definitely something to behold.

Now I enjoyed the previous generation’s Mega Evolutions but, besides the obvious stats boosts that made them beasts for competitive, they only ever really looked cool. The new Z-moves, and especially those exclusive to the starters, seem to have the cool and the effectiveness. They create attacks that are not only a spectacle to behold, but also deal some incredible damage.

It’s not only special moves and new Alolan forms that are present however, we also got our first look at some new Ultra Beasts. We’ve received our first look at the frightening UB-03 Lightning and UB-05 Glutton who, besides looking menacing, seems to hold some interesting secrets of the Alola region. The Ultra Beasts seem far more interesting than the new legendary Pokémon and they definitely seem to be vital to the story of Sun & Moon. It’s going to be fun to see what kind of role this is, but only time will tell as we draw closer and closer to release.

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