No campaign co-op zombie bashing in Dead Rising 4

Why, Capcom, why

I’ve only recently gotten into the Dead Rising series and must admit that I’m a bit disappointed at the exclusion of campaign co-op multiplayer. Bludgeoning, sawing, blasting and slicing your way through hordes of brain eaters with friends has always been great fun, especially when there’s a common goal in form of achievements and completion. Missing that will make Dead Rising 4 a little bit painful of an experience for me.

The news was confirmed by the producer at CapcomDavid McAnerin, whilst answering a fan question:

Is this game going to be four player co-op and if so, what’s the type of mode is it?

[quote]”Yeah, we have an online four player mode. So, in the story mode, it’s a single player story mode, you’re going to play just as Frank… The four player co-op is our multiplayer mode. It’s a little bit inspired by the original Infinity mode for the old school fans.

“It’s four player co-op. It takes place in the mall. You play as four survivors who are also featured in the story as well. You get a little more backstory on them, as well. You go into the mall and take part in crazy missions, trying to survive.

“The structure is, the four of you start the game together, you start in a safe house; you get a load up, get some weapons, get yourself ready to go; we unlock the doors, it’s killing, mayhem, madness lots of interesting missions that take advantage of our systems…You have to get to the safe house to survive the end of the day.”[/quote]

Sounds like Left 4 Dead crammed into Frank’s world hoping to make up for the momentous exclusion of a co-op campaign. I’m sure it will sate some of the faithful franchise following, or perhaps steer them away from what seems to be yet another publishers’ ignorance of the fans wants and needs.

I guess you’ll have to endure the chaos and insanity solo this time around Frank.

Source: Destructiod

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