Best free-to-play games on XBOX ONE


With game prices on the rise, it’s good to know that there are games you can indulge in for free on the Xbox One. Sure, not ll freebies are able to leave you fulfilled or entertained for hours, but let’s not dismiss the concept completely based on the failures out there. Some of them might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least you can sample from the variety available to you. There’s some real indie gems out there and titles from well known developers helping to establish a firm foothold on the platform. Free-to-play is here to stay and here’s a guide to some of the titles you’d might want to try.



Mech warriors, assemble! If you’re the kind of person who revels in running into battle while piloting a custom mech then Hawken is right up your alley. This first-person shooter has six game modes to get stuck into with a large variety of mechs to collect and configure to the exact death machine you’ve always dreamed of. I suggest going through the tutorials to hone your control just to give yourself a better start before entering the arena.



These days, multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) have been gaining a lot of traction on consoles with the likes of Smite with it’s over the shoulder view instead of traditional birds eye, and direct control of your character making it a more intuitive experience on console over it’s PC counterparts. You could splash some cash to unlock the future god characters in the game if you get sucked into Smite’s world enough. Otherwise, enjoy the freeness!

World of Tanks


Who doesn’t like a good ol’fashioned tank battle among friends and strangers? Any tank enthusiast out there? War of Tanks is the game tailored to your needs. 30-person skirmishes in historical portable canons, you can either collect them all or just blow each other to smithereens on both XBOX ONE and XBOX 360.

AirMech Arena

airmech arena

Here’s some more mech mayhem, this time in a real-time strategy guise. AirMech Arena might not be as intricate as the like of Red Alert 3 or Star Craft, but it’s still hella fun. Seeing as Halo Wars worked well on the platform, it seems to have paved the way for titles like these, so look out for more popping up now and then.

Magic Duels

Magic Duels

Collectible card games are fun to play in both the real world and virtually. Magic Duels, set within Magic: The Gathering’s world offers the digital alternative to sitting across the kid trying to stare you down while sipping his green energy drink in a crowded room of like-minded individuals. You can either earn gold within the game to add to your deck, or spend real cash to bolster it.

Killer Instinct


Wanna kick someone in the face as a Battletoad? Then Killer Instinct is yo jam. After the original developers dropped the titles, the kind crew from Iron Galaxy decided to resurrect the classic fighting franchise and make it free-to-play. With a massive roster of characters made available through seasonal updates, you’ll likely not feel your choice of warrior to go stale. Alternatively, you could purchase additional seasons to grow your roster.



Quite a popular title since it’s launch, this MMORPG is set in and around the city of Neverwinter. Combining the Forgotten Realms backdrop, fierce action gameplay, and the free-to-play model, it’s enough to get a certain subset of fantasy enthusiasts drooling. This free-to-play MMO sees you joining your friends in exploring a beautiful and beloved setting. Still one of the most played free-to-play titles out there, Neverwinter is definitely worth giving a try.

Happy Wars

happy wars

Not into serious RPG games or button mashing fighters not your style? Give this delightful, colourful multiplayer game a go. Happy Wars is a co-op multiplayer with competitive gameplay both on- and offline. With the addition of 4 player split-screen couch co-op, you can get friends and family in on the action right there in one living room, making your way through the cartoony and lighthearted world.

Pinball FX2

pinball fx2

I personally love playing on themed arcade pinball machines, and Zen Studio’s Pinball FX2 delivers oodles of flipper flicking fun on dozens of famous franchise decorated tables to keep me entertained. Marvel, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, you name it, there’s probably a table for it. Obviously, there is a leaderboard with which you can boast your achievements on your table of choice. When you download the core client, you automatically get access to the Sorcerer’s Lair table for free. This is a pinball enthusiasts digital dreamland.



This title started it’s life in the PC realm and made it’s way to the most in demand consoles in hopes of being able to connect with all gaming creed. Still being played today, Warframe reached 7.8 million registered users back in March 2014. Without current numbers being posted by Digital Extremes, the amount of fanfare attending the TennoCon is enough insight into how big the player base has become. I personally have registered over 100 hours of playtime on XBOX ONE and still do the big event announcements as they happen. The free-to-play co-operative third-person shooter has you playing as a Tenno, master of blade and gun and operator of the Warframe armors. You and your band of ninja warriors traverse the universe defending the galaxy from an onslaught of enemies of various species from all over. The game has individual quests that can be played solo with the exception of some portions being open for friends to join and completed the quests cooperatively, with in-game alerts that you can join in on with friends or randoms you my recruit online. With quarterly updates, various Warframes to collect and modify to your choosing and a plethora of weapons to try out,  this title could keep you busy for quite some time.


These are just some of the titles that stood for me, but there’s many more out there that may tickle your fancy.

If you know of any other gems you may have stumbled upon, feel free to spread the free-to-play love right here.

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