Video: Tips to avoid getting hacked by a real life Marcus Holloway

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If you have been playing the excellent Watch Dogs 2 over the last few days, since its release on Tuesday, you will know that Marcus Holloway is a proper bad ass. Marcus can hack almost anything and, with the help of the hacking group Dedsec, Marcus tries to clear his name after being framed and uses the city of San Francisco as a weapon to help him do it. Playing a character like Marcus is lots of fun as many of you will know by now, but being on the receiving end of a hack in real life, not so much.

So I put a video together with some helpful hints to avoid getting hacked as well as a few solutions in case you have Malware on your PC. I hope the below video helps you avoid things like Randsomware and other dodgy things floating out there on the web and if you have got the game let us know what you think of it below?

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