Rumour: Pokémon Sun & Moon coming to the Switch – code-named Pokémon Stars

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Throughout the release of Pokémon games on handhelds there has often been a third title released in the generation. Pokémon Blue and Red had Pokémon YellowPokémon Gold and Silver had Pokémon CrystalPokémon Diamond and Pearl had Pokémon Platinum (we’re sure you’re getting the picture by now).  Now, although the generation never received that third game, titles like Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver as well as Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2, which released after Pokémon Black and White, appeared

It seems that Nintendo is about to start that tradition again. According to a post on Eurogamer, multiple sources told Eurogamer that a Pokémon title is being worked on and set to launch next year on the Nintendo Switch. The game is code-named Pokémon Stars. If this is true it’ll mean the first main line Pokémon game will finally be hitting a home console… a home console that can be taken on the go. THANK YOU NINTENDO, please make this happen!

When Eurogamer asked the director of Pokémon Sun and Moon to comment on this possibility, he had the following to say.

[quote]We’ve always made [main] Pokémon games on Nintendo hardware. Something which has been important to us recently has been the communication and wireless features. So when we consider whether we should bring something to one thing or another, it really depends on the hardware itself.

What might change about Nintendo hardware in the future is something we’re really looking forward to – and if the hardware is suitable it’s definitely something we want to consider using.[/quote]

Source: eurogamer

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