Skyrim, Fallout and DOOM get the pinball treatment

Bathesda Pinball pack

Bethesda fans, pinball lovers. Lend me your thumbs! You will now be able to play pinball on themed tables come December 2016.

The Bethesda Pinball Pack includes three tables based on Fallout 4, Doom, and Skyrim. Each table features unique missions and tasks. It releases as DLC for Zen Pinball on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Windows 10 on 6 December and mobile devices on 8 December 2016.

Zen Studios’ blog also suggests a potential release on Xbox 360, PS3, and Vita, but no specifics as per platform has been made clear. Prices have not been made public just yet.

So if you’re looking to bash a little chrome ball through a post-nuclear wasteland in a world decimated by atomic war, or fight your way through the UAC research facility while taking on hordes of demons, or maybe find companions and complete side quests before defeating Alduin and fulfilling your destiny as the Dragonborn, Zen Studio’s Bethesda pack may just do the trick for you.

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