Super Mario Maker for 3DS trailer shows what is in store for the handheld


Super Mario Maker came out last year on the Wii U and while it wasn’t completely infallible, it was an absolute hoot to play around with. Super Mario Maker finally allowed Mario fans to create and share some Super Mario levels of their own. We’ve seen everything from Rube Golderberg-esque automated levels to some intense challenges that require almost pixel perfect precision. Super Mario Maker on the Wii U has brought out some interesting creations and it is almost time for the same to be done on 3DS.

Super Mario Maker worked incredibly well on the Wii U but it was always something that would have been lovely to be able to take on-the-go. It’s impossible for us to know when a moment of creative genius will strike and being able to play around with Mario levels on-the-go may lead to someone creating the next big thing. The only problem is, while people will soon be able to take Super Mario Maker with them everywhere, there’s no way for 3DS players to share their creations online. This oversight by Nintendo feels absurd and, while you can still share your courses online if you translate your 3DS creations on to Wii U, I hope this won’t lead us to missing out on some incredible creations.

Super Mario Maker is making the jump to the 3DS on the 2nd of December.

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