Video: MiniDOOM is the 2D side-scrolling shooter we always wanted

When the original DOOM was released as a 3D shooter it was revolutionary for the gaming industry. But what if DOOM was released as a 2D platformer instead of a 3D shooter? In the early 90’s 2D side-scrolling shooters were very popular and if MiniDOOM got released back then it would surely be a big hit. Now all that stands between you and experiencing the original DOOM in all its 2D glory is a 11mb download that you can right here.

MiniDOOM plays much like the Megaman games except with more blood and violence and looks to be one of the best fan projects based on the original game we have seen since Brutal Doom. Check out the launch trailer below and let us know what you think?

Source: Calavera Studio

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