This Outlast 2 adult diaper is here to help your couch survive the game


Are you looking forward to some horror in Outlast 2? It looks like it is promising many jump scares and terrifying moments and maybe your body just can’t handle that kind of pressure.

If you have a sphincter that is prone to forgetting its purpose in the middle of a scary game, Outlast 2‘s developer, Red Barrels, has a Kickstarter that might just save your couch and a shred of your dignity. Okay maybe not your dignity, but you won’t need to throw that pair of pants away if you opt for the official adult diaper, called Underscares.

The adult poop catcher will have Outlast 2 branding and comes in a fetching green and black to protect your favourite chair from your scares becoming cleaning nightmares. They come with a Steam Key of the game too, and there is a more expensive version that includes deluxe Underscares with a night light and a pouch to hold your drink so that you can sit in comfort for hours of play time.

Source: Gamesradar

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