Ubisoft confirms that sales for Watch Dogs 2 are lower than what they expected


The day one and first week sales of any game are always a very important time for any publisher and this year we’re seeing some titles, that have generally scored really well with critics, not selling nearly as much as the publisher expected. Titanfall 2 was the first game to not live up to expectations for EA, and now it seems Watch Dogs 2 is experiencing something similar over at Ubisoft.

In a statement to Gamespot a Ubisoft representative confirmed the following:

[quote]It is true that first-day and first-week sales for a number of big games, including Watch Dogs 2 and titles from our competitors, are comparatively lower than previous versions in previous years[/quote]

That said, the person was also quick to point out that, like in the case with Titanfall 2, they’ve expecting a longer sales period due to the stellar reviews the game has received to date:

[quote]However, we expect both week-two and week-three sales to be above traditional sales patterns. There is a trend toward games, especially high-quality games, having stronger and longer ‘tails’ as favorable reviews and word of mouth spread. Watch Dogs 2 is already considered a tremendous addition to the open-world action adventure series and we’re confident that millions of players are going to love it.[/quote]

Hopefully more people gain interest in Watch Dogs 2 as it’s receiving great review around the world. Our review will be up later today.

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