Rocket League jetting off with mod support next month


2015’s Rocket League took the internet by storm by turning a pretty simple concept into an incredibly addictive multiplayer experience. It has even managed to steal some time out of my friend’s FIFA sessions, which very few games have managed to do (besides my best efforts of course). Rocket League is indeed something special, but the soon-to-be added mod support should see the game break into new territories of fun.

We’ve seen some incredible things come out of mods for games, even some of the most popular games today started life as mods. Mod support can see a game live on for years after release and given that there is already a dedicated modding community for Rocket League, it’s a no-brainer for Psyonix to make it official and add Steam Workshop support. This is why, come December, Rocket League players will be able to upload and download custom levels through the game’s community hub.

The next update will include an uploading tool that will allow for mod creators to upload their creations to Steam for other players to easily upload and enjoy. Players have already created obstacle courses and various challenges so who knows what they’ll make next, but hopefully these will create better means of practicing some of Rocket League‘s finer mechanics.

You can check out the Steam Community announcement here for further details.

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