Leaked audio points to Overwatch Christmas event


Overwatch just had a pretty awesome Halloween Terror event that was a lot of fun to play and has left players wanting more. Now a bunch of hero interactions and sound effects have turned up that seem to hint at a holiday-themed event on the way. Sweet Christmas.

If it isn’t official, the Christmas theme song really fits in with the game. Listen to the bells jingling. The rest of the audio doesn’t really sound too festive, like Tracer wishing Sombra would “just disappear forever” and Reaper telling Sombra to “stick to the plan” but Athena, Winston’s AI, mentions “Challenger” and “Gladiator”. Hmm, maybe a new mode coming up soon?

It is possible that nobody will confirm if these are true until an official announcement is made but I am ready to shoot things to make Christmas better. Wait, that sounds slightly odd. With Mike Morhaime having already said that we should expect to see more events, this rumour makes me want to believe.

Source: PC Gamer

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