There’s a huge surge in 3DS sales in Japan after Pokémon Sun and Moon released


If anyone has ever said Pokémon is for kids, then they haven’t met many of its fans. The Pokémon games are incredibly popular, especially in Japan where sales of the game and the hardware have spiked… big time. This happens to be true, once again, following the release of the new Pokémon Sun and Moon. 

According to a post on Destructoid, Media Create Sales reports that almost 1.6 million copies of the game were sold in Japan alone. Hardware-wise, there’s been a huge surge in 3DS, 2DS and the New Nintendo 3DS XL sales. The NN3DSXL, in particular, has seen a big increase in sales, jumping from 20 000 to 81 000 units sold.

This is very good news for Nintendo, and I certainly hope they can hold the momentum for a little while longer. Having a Pokemon game release this time of year definitely worked to their advantage, though I’m not surprised either way as Pokémon does have a very large and very dedicated fanbase.

Source: Destructiod

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