BioWare’s new mystery game will have an emphasis on story

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BioWare is truly one of my favourite developers. They have crafted games that I have lost myself in for hundreds and hundreds of hours, and their storytelling skills is something to marvel at. Of course, you can bet that I’m excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda. I will lose hours of my life when that game finally releases and I’ve already made peace with the fact that I will alienate my family. But there’s also another game by BioWare on the distant horizon that we know absolutely nothing about.

Speaking to Game Informer, BioWare manager Aaryn Flynn has given us a few insights into the new IP that they are crafting. You should watch the full interview, but he stated that the new IP is well on its way, but we should not expect an announcement anytime soon. They are still busy with the initial phases and working with EA to ensure that it is something they want to send out into the world.

He also said that the IP will focus mostly on the strenghts of BioWare which is obviously their masterful storytelling. They want to put an increased emphasis on stories, relating to fascinating characters and so on. It would be safe to assume that the game will go the same route of the previous titles that BioWare are responsible for.

Once more, check out the full interview as Flynn gives quite a few insights into the workings of BioWare.

Source: Game Informer

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