Relax, the 72-hour boss fight in Final Fantasy XV was exaggerated


Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me and, I imagine, a lot of other gamers. We all know how ignorant people can be about video games and if I can be honest, some of the stuff we see as normal is a bit absurd when looked at with an outsider lens. Conan is a much more funny version of your grandpa going “these newfangled video games are a waste of your time, laddie” and he brings a nice new perspective on a lot of titles we hold dear. Case in point, Final Fantasy XV, the game that had people on my Twitter timeline crying from joy, that Conan called a waste of time. Many were salty, but I found it hilarious.

Regardless, during the Clueless Gamer segment, it was said that there is a boss in the game that takes 72 real-time hours to beat and if you didn’t raise an eyebrow from that revelation then I don’t know what to tell you. However, it now seems that the statement was wildly exaggerated. Trophy hunter, PowerPyx (who I have used many times before for trophy hunting) put the rumour to the test. The boss in question was the Adamantoise which is a giant turtle with a mountain on its back. Instead of taking 72 hours to beat, it took 50 minutes. A bit shy from the earlier prediction.

PowerPyx had a solid endgame build and was at level 69 so it is an accurate representation of what has to be done. You can check out the whole battle here. It might be that the 72 hour thing was based on low-level characters or just an incorrect fact thrown in to spice things up. But no, there is no 3-day long boss battle, unfortunately.

It makes me kind of sad. Of course, it’s absolutely ludicrous to expect something like that from a player, but it is an interesting concept. Only the best and strongest players will be able to see through such a mammoth task and it can be a momentous achievement. But yeah, I don’t think most people have 3 days to sit and hammer the same buttons thousands of times.

Source: GameSpot

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