Rumour: A Wipeout sequel might be announced at PlayStation Experience


Several years ago Sony closed the doors of a studio that had brought Wipeout HD/Fury and 2048 to the PS3 and PS Vita – Studio Liverpool. Since then a possible return for the series has been up in the air and if you wanted your hovercraft fix you either owned a Wii U to buy Fast Racing NEO or you checked out some of the offers on Steam. It’s just a genre that’s not supported anymore. An industry insider, who has been a good source in the past, is hinting at the possibility of a new Wipeout game announcement this coming weekend.

shinobi602 recently predicted that we’ll see The Last of Us 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 4 at the PlayStation Experience that takes place this coming weekend. In a reply to a user on Neogaf who asked, “By the way, you forgot Wipeout. Or has that been debunked?” he replied with, “Something that’s real can’t be debunked silly.”


That little comment had the whole of Neogaf (and me) losing their heads, and now this conference can’t happen soon enough. Shuhei Yoshida also dropped a comment just over a year ago by saying “Never say never” to a Wipeout sequel, so you never know.

Here is the thing though – it’s all a rumour at this stage and the possibility of having three great games revealed at one event is very unlikely. Sony generally uses the PlayStation Experience to troll us for what’s to come at E3. That said, start praying!

Details on the PlayStation Experience (local times and where to watch it) can be found here.

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