The King of Fighters XIV version 1.10 update gets a teaser trailer


Last year SNK made the commitment to become the anti-Konami. Instead of focusing all their efforts on pachinko machines, the company would put all their effort in to making video games, much like any other good game developer. This renewed focus can be seen in the quality of The King of Fighters XIV, but that doesn’t mean the game is flawless. In fact, it has one glaring issue that will soon be taken care of by the developer.

One of the major criticisms of The King of Fighters XIV is that, while the gameplay is solid, the visuals just weren’t up to scratch. The game made a huge departure from 2D sprites to 3D models which unfortunately saw a major dip in the visual quality of the game. Even though this is the case, SNK have committed to addressing this and will be releasing a major update that will bring the graphics up to scratch.

It’s important to have the game look pretty but that doesn’t seem to be all they’re adding. Each character will also receive 2 new alternate colours as well as some other interesting additions. In order to show this all off SNK will be releasing a new demo for The King of Fighters XIV later in December. While not much about this demo has been detailed, SNK will make further announcements about it in the near future.

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