Video: Is Bandai Namco teasing us with the next Soul Calibur?


While we still wait for an exact launch date for Tekken 7 there is no doubt that Bandai Namco are already hard at work on various other projects. One project that’s yet to receive a current generation upgrade is the Soul Calibur series. The last game, Soul Calibur V, launched four years back in 2012 and it feels like the timing is just about right for the series to make a return.

Bandai Namco just uploaded a video recently to promote the legacy of their series. We get a reminder of each released game including the very first game, Soul Edge (or Soul Blade in PAL territories), and the year it released. It ends up with a 20th Anniversary logo stating that “The Legend Will Never Die”. If you’re a Soul Calibur fan you would have heard those words many times before, but this time it could have more meaning. Could there we a Soul Calibur VI on the horizon, or is there some sort of classics bundle in the works? We’re sure we’ll find out in 2017. For now, watch the trailer:

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