Final Fantasy XV’s free update roadmap gets detailed


I might have finished the story, but there is still a lot of game left for me to discover in Final Fantasy XV. It turns out that director Hajime Tabata has short and long-term goals for the game, with free updates to add extra depth and breadth to the game, and a bit of replay value for those who want to hop in and feel like heroes.

Take note that this was translated from an official Japanese release, so the English version might be different. This is a message from Tabata himself:

[quote]“Thank you for playing Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV was able to achieve a truly great milestone, shipping five million copies worldwide on its release day. I Would like to express my gratitude to the many who purchased it.

Currently, we have many players all over the world enjoying themselves. I and all of the staff are really pleased by how you are enjoying this new Final Fantasy.

As promised since before the launch, Final Fantasy XV isn’t just going to end here, and we will continue to update it to provide a richer and richer experience to players all over the world. As a sign of gratitude for exceeding five million shipments, we decided to considerably strengthen the update plan beyond its original schedule, and inform you of a concrete roadmap.

These updates aim to make the Final Fantasy XV gaming experience richer and let you play for a longer time, including improvements based on feedback from players after release. They will be delivered for free in addition to the DLC already announced, in the short, medium and long term.”[/quote]

A short-term goal is to improve the gameplay of chapter 13, including enhancements to the item you acquire in chapter 13.

The medium-term plans to improve the story experience by adding cutscenes to detail the story of say, Ravus.

In the long-term the team is looking at the possibility of making some important characters playable. The team is also looking at an avatar system to let you make an original character.

Other changes include a level limiter, new game plus and invincibility armour. There will also be an option to enlarge the game’s fonts. There is also a mention of live content, like boss fights and limited-time mob hunts and more.

Source: Dualshockers


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