New stuff coming your way in Battlefield 1


Soldiers, on 20 December 2016 you will embark on a new terrain where you’ll look your enemy dead in the eye and say “Hey, I didn’t travel half way around the globe for you to camp in the bushes like opportunist hippy! Come down here and fight me like a man!”

OK, that was just a bit of vent from my experiences, but, let’s be honest, it’s gonna happen on any map. Anyway, as mentioned, you’ll be able to download the new map Giant’s Shadow without owning a Premium Pass (YAY!). It will, however, be available to pass holders form the 13th Decemeber 2016.

The map sets the stage for the Battle of the Selle, you know, with that little annoyance called the armored train. But wait, there’s more! Players will get to play with a new toy to help curb that metal track worm’s enthusiasm like Rambo with a grenade crossbow. *insert drool emoji here*

Unfortunately, only support class players will be able to wield the new handheld destructo-bow (I’m copywriting that) to “silently fire two grenades of either the Fragmentation or High Explosive variety”. Deeeeeelicious.

Snipers’ gonna snipe, but with this thing it’s gonna be so much fun sneaking up on them and blowing them to kingdom come.

I am excite!

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