Rumour: Super Mario Run might require a permanent online connection


Next week, on 15 December, Super Mario Run will finally have Mario making the leap to mobile phones for the very first time. It’ll be available on iPhone and iPad for now, and later on it’ll port to Android too. There is however a small problem for a even smaller group of people.

It seems that an online connection will be required at all times to play the game, even World Tour mode. In an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto he said the following:

[quote]The challenge is when that’s [World Tour mode] operating in a standalone mode, it actually complicates the connection back to the Toad Rally and Kingdom modes. And because those two modes are relying on the network save, we had to integrate the World Tour mode as well[/quote]

If you read between the lines it’s more a case of ‘We’re doing this so people can’t jailbreak and do bad things to the code’. Either way, it’s something that should not affect most people interested in the game here in South Africa, so it’s not a huge problem if you plan to legally buy and play it anyway next week.

In anticipation for the launch you can watch the new live action trailer:


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