Video: Conan and Terry Crews play Battlefield 1

Clueless gamer battlefeild 1
Everyone’s favorite Clueless Gamer is back and this time he is joined by Terry Crews to play some Battlefield 1. Terry Crews actually built a PC with his son to get ready for the launch of Battlefield 1 because he was so impressed with it after playing it at E3. If you have played Battlefield 1 you will know that it gives you a pretty bleak insight into just how brutal World War 1 was. Conan and Terry knew that the game would be a little depressing to play due to its subject matter, so they had small bunnies to stroke on standby in case they got too sad.

Take a look at both Conan and Terry battling it out in the trenches of WW1 below – I think I need to get a pet bunny now.


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