Cute, cuddly, multi-hit combos coming to Tekken 7

Cute panda, good panda

Tekken connoisseurs have been used to the franchise taking itself very seriously with its new additions to the storyline, but it seems we’ll be greeted with some cute carnivorous ursidae (that means “bear”) characters via Kuma and Panda.

The two have been added to the roster, but it doesn’t end there. Bandai Namco have also revealed the inclusion of a Tournament mode, where up to eight competitors duke it out online in a last man standing type of arrangement.

In the trailer you can see Tekken 7’s new mechanic, Rage Arts, in action with new character portraits and looks.

Frivolous furry frenzies forthcoming from front-running fan favourite fist flashing, foot force feeding fighting franchise, formulating fever-pitched family fun for everyone.

Yeah, that just happened.

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