Get your first look at Nintendo’s Universal Studios theme park in Japan


Nintendo and Universal earlier this year announced that they would be bringing Nintendo-themed parks via Universal around the world. Some of us at SA Gamer have been lucky enough to attend Universal Studios in Los Angeles, but none of us have ever actually entered the theme park area. The prospect of Nintendo’s theme park attraction could just be something that pushes us to pay the hefty fee to enter next time we go – if it looks anything like Nintendo of America tweeted just a short while ago.

The image shown off is that of Nintendo’s theme park at Universal Studios Japan, and as you can see it’ll have a Mushroom Kingdom that’ll have Nintendo fans drooling with excitement. This specific one is titled ‘Super Nintendo World’ and is an indication that they might just extend these worlds to some of their other franchises in the future. If you thought for a moment that Nintendo was having a tough time because of the Wii U’s terrible sales figures then this should be all the proof you need that things aren’t looking quite as bad as you might think.

The below image is purely Nintendo’s own replica mockup of what they expect it to be, but we’re definitely keen to visit it at some point in our life:

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