The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ finally releasing early next year


The Binding of Isaac is a game that has truly stood the test of time. The game is strange and a lot of people would be eternally confused if they got plopped into its poop and womb filled world, but it’s honestly such a good game that you can play it forever. I’ve played the game for many hours myself, but I found the most enjoyment in watching other people do unique runs every single day. My favourite creator has over 2000 Isaac episodes and it has never become boring for me to watch. It also has one of the best and most passionate communities out there and they will be pleased to know that the game’s next expansion, Afterbirth+, is coming on the 3rd of January 2017 on Steam, mere weeks from now.

The game will have a bunch more features including full mod support which will make the game even more timeless. Check out what’s coming from the developer’s blog:

  • Full access to mod tools ( so you can design, edit and play and endless number of mods, features and whole new games that the community will no doubt eventually design.. )
  • 67 new items, 27 new trinkets and 10+ new pickups! (hows that for specific huh!?)
  • A new final chapter
  • A new final boss
  • A new playable character
  • A new “greedier” greed mode
  • A shit ton of new achievements (62 to be exact)
  • Five achievement “challenges”
  • 100s of new rooms (tons of new ultra rare rooms )
  • New victory lap feature (allows the game to continue when finished)
  • Bestiary (enemy collection page that keeps track of everything you kill in game)
  • Five new challenges
  • Two new transformations
  • Small monthly content updates (every month after release we will be updating the game with our favorite fan made designs, monsters, items maybe even challenges – who knows… we may also toss a few of our own modded designs in if you are good)
  • Four+ new bosses and a new alt forms for existing bosses!
  • A handful of new enemies, features and new champion forms!
  • New cut scenes and music tracks!
  • Other stuff

It’s only confirmed for Steam right now, but they say that the expansion will come to consoles in spring of next year. Also, there were some cryptic tweets from Tyrone Rodriguez that seem to suggest that the game is also coming to the Nintendo Switch next year, which is honestly a perfect fit for it. They also released this 3D trailer announcing it all:

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