Spencer’s faith in Project Scorpio sets the tone for a successful year for Microsoft

Don Spencer

Phil Spencer has made strides in pleasing fans on news about Project Scorpio since its announcement at E3. Communicating all the latest plans for the franchise, clarification on certain rumors and general broadcasting on new developments with Project Scorpio. Even though we’re still left in the dark regarding the final build, the communication is still well received due to its informant leaving most at ease with the progress and intentions with the project, with the added benefit that the project will end up with a console price point and not equivalent to that of a monster gaming rig.

Most of the diligent following of the project are delighted with Phil’s enthusiasm with the much anticipated conqueror of predecessors while ensuring that the next console powerhouse won’t have you searching Gumtree for dodgy kidney surgeons.

As stated in my previous post, Spencer mentioned that the Scorpio’s strategy is to have a more balanced configuration ensuring developers have choice in how the consoles power will be utilised. With his last tweet reiterating his mission to develop a console for the fans and staying on course, we can acknowledge that Xbox doesn’t care for what the competition is up to.

Seems like Xbox fans have something meaty to look forward to at E3 2017.

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