We’ll be able to play Horizon Zero Dawn a little earlier

horizon zero dawn machines

When I first heard that there was a date change with Sony’s exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, my heart sank a little. Sony has become a bit infamous after a whole bunch of their first party titles got massive delays that would have us only get the games months later. Uncharted 4 and The Last Guardian are probably the biggest games that were delayed by months in order to get more polish in. We also had delays with No Man’s Sky (not enough, apparently) and Horizon Zero Dawn was also slated for release this year, but was pushed back until early 2017.

However, it seems we finally have some good news with regards to Sony release dates and that is that Horizon Zero Dawn is going to release two days earlier. Here’s the tweet announcing it:

Not exactly news that will make you dance naked in the streets, but it’s at least good news. They say that it’s only the UK, but since we kind of fall under them, it might be the same for us in South Africa.

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