The first Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission is a flop

Pokemon-Sun and moon

Whoops, seems like the goal of the first ever Pokémon Sun and Moon global mission was a little too big for everyone to complete. If you’re not in the know, Sun and Moon features a new system where you can participate in global missions to earn lots of Festival Points for your Festival Plaza. The first mission required all participants to catch 100 million Pokémon collectively.

Now, catching that amount of Pokémon, even across the globe, is a huge undertaking, and I was very skeptical when I signed up for the mission. Only 16 423 231 Pokémon were caught between 29 November and 12 December. Not even 25% of the goal was met, resulting in a monumental failure. I could already tell it was going to end in failure when I saw the number a few days ago myself. The timing is also really bad. Most people are probably still in the main game and aren’t as focussed on catching them all. As for the competitive types, they’re probably trying to raise and find the best.

A new Global mission will start on 27 December and I certainly hope Game Freak will adjust their goals. The next mission will involve the island scan feature, which uses QR codes to add Pokémon pages to your Pokédex and find rare Pokémon.

Source: VG247



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