Uncharted 4 co-op survival mode out today


Just under a month ago we reported that Uncharted 4 will receive a free co-op survival mode for owners of the base game. Well, in a livestream last night Naughty Dog confirmed all the juicy details about the new mode that’ll make PS3 Uncharted fans, who played this mode in the past, very happy.

Uncharted 4 will see a patch going live today that’ll add in this new mode. You’ll also receive new weapons, character skins, two maps and a new King of the Hill mode. Survival co-op mode will have you and up to three other players take on various waves of enemies. If you don’t have friends (awe…) then you’ll be glad to know that it supports matchmaking too. Oh, and there are additional trophies for you to unlock and it’s all gratis!

Here is a little reminder of what you can expect when you get home later today:

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