Video: Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain launch trailer


By now you know it’s the best racing game we’ve played in years and players who have finished all the various tournaments and street races have been waiting patiently for the next bit of content from the folks over at Playground Games. Today you’ll finally be able to download and play the brand new expansion – Blizzard Mountain.

Expect the cars to slide all over the show as the new terrain will change up the handling quite a bit. So just how much bang will you get for your buck? According to this trailer it’s a whole new area, but it’s really only for those who enjoyed the off-road sections of the original game as there’s not one tarmac road in sight. Somehow you’ll enter races using a Lamborghini, but it looks like the real fun will be had with rally and other all-terrain vehicles. You’ll drive over iced lakes, Sweden-like rally stages and go off-road in the thick snow to reach mountain tops.

Herewith the first trailer showing off everything you’ll get to experience if you own a PC or Xbox One today:

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