Video: Double Dragon IV headbutts its way to PC and PS4 on 30 January


Are you in your 30s (or even 40s) now? If so you can probably hum that intro song to Double Dragon when you’re in the shower. Double Dragon in South Africa is synonymous with the big old silver 20c coin where you’d have an arcade eating your precious silver pieces of orgasmic gaming in record time. You might also have played Double Dragon II on the NES, including the recent classic NES, as well as Double Dragon III. Well guess what, a sequel is on the way… and soon!

Double Dragon IV has out of the blue been announced for PC and PS4 and it’ll be available on either platform on 30 January. That’s in just over 3 weeks. The art style follows that of the NES version – Double Dragon II in particular. It looks like it’ll play as well as you might recall, though you better not depend on nostalgia to convince you that it’s going to be great. If you’re a retro nut (like me) then it’s a must own, for the rest of you it’s probably best to wait for some reviews after launch.

Get your first look at it:

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