Uncharted movie has a script, and it’s finished


Reports of an Uncharted movie has been around for almost as long as the original game has been out, which coincidentally is 10 years ago this year. WOWZERS!

Joe Carnahan, the guy tasked with writing the Uncharted script for Sony, said via Instagram that he is done with it and that the real work starts now:

Shawn Levy, the director of Night at the Museum was named as the director for the film in October last year, and there’s still no word on casting for the movie. But hey, at least we have a script.

We all know that video games haven’t translated to the silver screen very well over the years, and its not for a lack of trying either. I’m not a big fan of the idea of games being turned into movies, as it sometimes taints the great experiences and stories that we know so well in the actual games. Still, the Uncharted games almost feels like Hollywood blockbusters with its over-the-top action and excellent scripted set pieces. So it might just work!

Source: Gamespot

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