Video: New Wildlands live action trailer proves cats hate us

Red Dot
According to experts if cats were just three times bigger than they are now they would all kill their owners. That cant be true can it? [Ed – Totally true! Dogs 4 Lyf!] This latest Ghost Recon: Wildlands live action trailer does make a pretty strong case for those cat experts, so maybe there is some truth in what they are saying. The new trailer called ‘Red Dot’ sees a sniper take out a room full of bad guys using a red dot laser sight. The cat finds the red dot very amusing to play with and when all the bad guys have been dispatched the cat simply licks its paws as if nothing had happened.

Only a few more month before Ghost Recon: Wildlands breaches in with a release date set for March 7th. For now check out the new trailer below.

Source: Ubisoft

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