For Honor Closed Beta Announced

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Ubisoft’s medieval, realistic, multiplayer focused hack-n-slash, For Honor, is launching soon, as in next month, and with that comes the usual Beta that launches just a couple of weeks before the actual game itself.

For Honor’s Closed Beta will be on the last weekend of January, which is from the 26 – 29th. What makes it interesting is that the Beta will have its own event in a way, where the players will be selecting their factions (Knight, Samurai or Viking), and a winning faction will be announced at the end of the Beta.

You can sign up for a chance to join the Beta over here. You can then choose your preferred platform, or preferred faction and then wait to see if you get an invite. I went with Viking, because, well I don’t know. They just look the coolest of the lot for me. Hope I don’t regret it.

Source: Destructoid

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