Nintendo left a secret message for Famicom (NES) Classic Edition hackers


The Nintendo Classic has seen a worldwide shortage and it’s even been a problem back here in South Africa where many gamers waited for that second shipment to arrive just before Christmas. Elsewhere around the world hackers have been at it to crack the little plastic throwback in time and it’s been reported that they’ve hacked and added several more games to the console via emulation.

A particular hacker in Japan received a very unexpected secret message when he hacked into the Famicom (the Japanese Classic NES):

[quote]This is the hanafuda captain speaking,” the message begins. “Launching emulation in 3…2…1. Many efforts, tears and countless hours have been put into this jewel. So, please keep this place tidied up and don’t break everything! Cheers, the hanafuda captain.[/quote]

It’s all the proof you need that Nintendo was expecting it, and you have to admit that’s a classy secret message to hackers. The word “hanafuda” refers to the Nintendo hanafuda cards that started the company off many years ago, for those not in the know. We’re not sure if the same thing happens for the Classic NES Mini, but for now it only seems to be for the Famicom version.

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