Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Global Mission has its second epic fail

Pokemon Sun & Moon

Boy oh boy, things are not looking good for Pokémon Sun and Moon lately, especially with regards to the latest feature in Sun & Moon: Global Missions. The first Global Mission was a total catastrophe and its second attempt has also failed, though not quite as badly. Mission 2 was to use the Island Scan feature as often as possible, with the end goal being 1 million scans. However, the total scans during the mission’s goal period was roughly 660 000. While the result is better than that of the first attempt, a fail’s a fail.

The concept of these missions is to get Pokémon players from around the world to complete a specific goal within a certain time-frame. At first I thought the goal was too high, but now I’m starting to think it’s the convoluted system that’s getting in the way.

The Global Missions use Global Link to activate and tally the results. The problem is, it’s a long-winded journey to actually get yourself signed up. First you need to create an account on the Global Link website and then you need to register and synchronise your GL account with the game. This requires you to obtain a code from the operations tent in Festival Plaza. Once you obtain the code and sync your game with your GL account, you need to return to the operations tent and then sign up for the Global Missions. Once that’s complete, you need to participate, but for your scores to tally, you need to sync with Global Link, which requires you to go back to Festival Plaza and connect to the internet.

See, it’s messy.

If The Pokémon Company and Game Freak want a successful Global Mission, I really do think that they need to streamline the process. As a Pokémon veteran I am a little irritated with the system, so I can only imagine how annoyed a newcomer must be.

Let’s hope Game Freak learns from this… again.

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