Hacker makes unofficial Dedsec app to control in-game phone


Watch Dogs 2 makes heavy use of Marcus’ smartphone and what a better way to add to the immersion than to make your real phone control the phone used in the game? Planetleak has recreated the game’s Dedsec app on his phone, adding an extra layer of hacking to this game all about hackers.

Planetleak originally made software to control the GTA V in-game phone with an iPhone and things have really been stepped up from there. Using keypress emulation and screenshots from the game the app looks a lot like the in-game version, allowing you to flip through menus, track missions and buy new skills. This time there is no Arduino used to recreate the button presses, resulting in a smoother experience that just about anyone could use.

The Youtuber contacted Ubisoft with the project and the company gave him permission to share the source files. All that is required is the source code for the Python server if you want to do this to your own phone.

It feels like things have moved so far from the days of every game having a companion app. Now the games that should have them are getting them made by modders and hackers, rather than in-house. It also fits completely with Watch Dogs 2‘s celebration of the hacker movement.

Source: Engadget

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