Craft and name your own weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda

ME Andromeda Gameplay

Electronic Arts and Bioware has been releasing a steady stream of information regarding the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda in order to keep us interested. Not that it’s that hard to stay interested anyway. The latest tidbit of information came from lead designer Ian S. Frazier via Twitter, saying that we’ll be able to craft and name weapons in the upcoming space adventure:

Weapons customisation hasn’t been the strongest suit for the ME series up in the past, although we did get some options to change the ammo type or damage output of a weapon. Having a system that’s a bit more robust could help make the game a bit more personal from player to player, which is why we love RPGs in the first place. Bioware is no stranger to weapon crafting systems, as the latest entry in their other franchise, Dragon Age Inquisition, also incorporated a pretty decent weapon crafting and customisation system.

Frazier also confirmed that melee weapons like hammers and swords will also be present in the game, and will have its own slot in your inventory.

To say that I’m excited for Mass Effect Andromeda is an understatement. Not sure how I’m going to make it to the 21st of March.

Source: Eurogamer

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