Resident Evil 7 will receive a free DLC shortly after release


In just a few more days, we’ll finally be able to play a new and scary-looking Resident Evil game. But what’s even better than a new game? More content for it. Not only will the game receive a season pass with additional chapters, but according to Famitsu, the game will also receive a free DLC titled ‘Not a Hero’.

Not much is known about the DLC, but it won’t focus on the main character, Ethan Winters. It’ll more than likely be a new character in a short story similar to our experience with the Beginning Hour demo. The DLC will allegedly be released in spring (our autumn), so it’s not exactly going to come out straight after release.

I have high hopes for Resident Evil 7, and I’m not the only one. A lot is riding on this game to bring the Resident Evil franchise back on track after the last few unsuccessful attempts (Resident Evil 6 and Umbrella Corps). Whatever the result is, it most certainly does look like a good horror game.

Source: Destructoid

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