Resident Evil 7 will support the Play Anywhere feature on Xbox One and PC


To date several big Xbox exclusive first-party have supported the Play Anywhere feature on the Xbox One and PC, but there’s been no third-party title that fell in place with these new possibilities. Resident Evil 7 will now be the first third-party game that’ll allow you to buy the game on the Xbox One and play it at no extra charge on PC too.

Phil Spencer confirmed this via Twitter:

Resident Evil 7 will be heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 24 January (that’s in 5 days time people), so if you’re still on the fence which version to buy and you own a PC and Xbox One you might want to consider buying it on the Xbox One to get access to both… though we won’t be able to help you with the Windows Store trouble to download the PC game. Hopefully that’s something that Microsoft will address in the coming months as it really needs some work.

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