A match made in a Galaxy far far away – Portal lead designer joins Star Wars team

star wars visceral

There are a few game directors and producers that defined the modern gaming landscape as we know it today. So when they get together to work on a game set in what is arguably the most iconic universe ever, then one cannot help but get excited.

The lead designer for Portal, Kim Swift will be joining EA’s new studio, Motive, which is headed by the executive producer of Assassin’s Creed 1 & 2, Jade Raymond. The new studio will be collaborating with Visceral Games, the guys behind the Dead Space series, to work on a new Star Wars game, which is being directed by none other than the creator of Uncharted, Amy Hennig. Fans had their hopes and dreams shattered when Star Wars 1313 was cancelled, but knowing that some of the greatest minds in modern gaming is working on a new game is encouraging. We don’t know much about the new Star Wars game, other than it having Uncharted gameplay mechanics to it, and starring Nathan Drake Nolan North. So it’s Uncharted 5: A Thief in Space?

Source: Eurogamer


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