Stardew Valley for Vita is still a possibility


Stardew Valley has made a massive impact on the gaming world. The Harvest Moon-inspired farming game has now been released on the majority of systems. Yet despite the game hitting most home hardware, those looking for a portable version are going to have to wait a bit longer.

When the PlayStation 4 release date of Stardew Valley was announced, developer Eric Barone (more commonly known as ConcernedApe), said he was very interested in a PlayStation Vita version of his popular game. After some radio silence with regards to a portable version of Stardew Valley, an update was provided on the games official website. Barone acknowledged the Vita version saying it is currently under investigation.

In the same post, Barone updated with some information on a Switch version and Multiplayer. While the Nintendo Switch version has been confirmed it is not planned as a launch title instead aiming for a 2017 release. The post ended off with a quick update on the multiplayer saying that co-op gameplay is still in development but “It’s going to be awhile yet”.

Stardew Valley on a portable system seems like an idyllic match. The farming and life simulator came out February last year on PC to near universal appraise from players and critics, this only to be followed by a port for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in December. With the style of game, a portable version only seemed like the most sensible option yet many were left waiting. At least the Switch version has been confirmed so you can get your farming on-the-go. Even without the ability of play and travel, Stardew Valley is still hitting high on the charts and is worth a romp through the farm life.

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