Video: Take a look at Wildlands in this single player developer walkthrough

Ghost Recon Wildlands 2
There has been plenty of footage of Ghost Recon: Wildlands floating around the internet but most of it has focused on the four player co-op multiplayer. In this latest video lead designer Dominic Butler, talks you through the action from the single player campaign for over twenty minutes. Looking at the below video there are some similarities to the likes of Far Cry 4 in terms of how the game is structured mission wise. Wildlands does things a little differently however, such as the option to give your other three teammates orders.

There will be 21 different provinces in Wildands and by the look of the in-game map the open-world is pretty massive. If you have yet to sign up for one of the multiple betas, you can do so through the official website here. The game will be out on March 7th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so not long to wait now before we can jump into some co-op tactical action.

Source: PlayStation

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