Latest Xbox guide update comes with interesting new features


If you’re an Xbox Insider you might have access to the new guide update right now, though Major Nelson did confirm that it’s not available to all at this time. If you’re keen to check out the latest features it might take a few weeks to roll out to everyone. What he did do was to detail what’s new in the upcoming update in the below video:

There are two features that stand out to us. Firstly there will be new options when you press your Xbox guide button. Those additional shortcuts will definitely assist when trying to get access to areas that are cumbersome to get to in the current version, such as the Store, Games & Apps, your pins and easy access to your background music you’re playing.

The second feature is the ability to use a new feature called ‘copilot’. This allows you to use two controllers to play one game. In other words, if you have a young child you can sit with him or her and help play some games, especially when it comes to the tricky parts they struggle with. Of course this will also benefit gamers with disabilities who plays using one hand, their chin or foot. Here is what Larry Hryb had to say about this particular feature:

[quote]This will help make Xbox One more inviting to new gamers needing assistance, more fun by adding cooperative controls for any game and easier for players who need unique configurations to play – whether that is with hands apart, hand and chin, hand and foot, etc.[/quote]

Good going Microsoft, this is a great way forward for all gamers. Expect this guide update to be available for non-Insider members later this year.

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