Like your Dishonored 2 insane? Here’s some good news


I’ve actually just started playing Dishonored 2, but after I was spotted by the first enemy of the game on my full stealth run, I realised I might need to get back to it when my mind is ready. I am a bit of a stealth gaming aficionado and I’ve finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided while not being spotted and not killing anybody. Yet, I am but on the bottom of the totem pole compared to some of the more eccentric players out there. Dishonored is a favourite amongst players that want a nice challenge since it is so open-ended and gives the player a lot of options. The game offers a Very Hard difficulty that makes the game quite the challenge, but even that isn’t enough for some.

Dishonored 2 has received a sizable update that includes adjustable difficulty. It gives you all of the variables and you can truly cater your run. Courtesy from EuroGamer, here are the options that you can set:

Save Model: Adjust whether you want multiple save slots per playthrough, limit yourself to one, or go for the permadeath Iron Mode where you cannot reload and your save file is erased upon death. (You can however take breaks, as the game offers a temporary save when you quit.)

Quick-Access Wheel: Select whether selecting gear slows down time or happens in real-time.

Enemy Perception: Choose between three speeds at which enemies will detect you.

Enemy Overheard Perception: Select between three levels of how perceptive enemies are of those above them.

Lean Visibility: Decide whether enemies can’t see you when you’re leaning, can slowly make you out, or spot you straight away.

Constrained Leaning: Turning this on mean you can only lean half as far.

Sleep Dart Toxin Speed: Three different speeds at which sleep darts can take effect.

Footstep Noise: Three levels determining how much noise you make by walking.

Search Persistency: Three levels dictating how long enemies will pursue you upon being alerted.

Reinforcements: Three options for how many guards you want to respond to alarms.

Health Regeneration: Two options for how much health is replenished from food.

Enemy Damage: Three options for how much pain enemies inflict.

Group Attack: Three options for many enemies will attack at the same time.

Attack Frequency: Three settings the speed at which enemies attack you.

Ranged Accuracy: Three options for how accurate enemies are from afar.

Enemy Bravery: Three settings for how likely enemies are to panic during combat.

Mana Replenish: Decide whether your mana will automatically replenish once drained.

Ammunition Quantity: Three options for how much ammo you can hold.

Elixir Speed: Three settings for how quickly you replenish health and mana.

Elixir Strength: Three options for how much health and mana are replenished by elixirs.

Chase Tenacity: Two settings for how long enemies will pursue you once in combat.

Stealth Visibility: Three setting determining how visible you are in brightly lit areas.

Apparently the defaults for the hardest difficulty still have some leniency in some of these areas. If you’re truly mad, you can set everything to its most crippling setting and even have it so that you lose your save when you die. I look forward to the challenge runs on YouTube in the future.

Source: EuroGamer

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