Enter the Gungeon “Supply Drop” update adds a good deal of stuff


Enter the Gungeon has just received a big patch that may bring some players back in action. The twin-stick bullet-hell roguelike’s new content has been dubbed the “Supply Drop” and is definitely worth a look.

The update is massive in content. The official twitter account for the game is claiming that there are nearly 200 more rooms to explore, 33 new guns and 7 enemies to use them on. This all along with new NPCs, costumes and the update allows players to save and quit at the end of each floor. The update is live on PC but PS4 players are going to have to wait till next week for the patch to drop.

This is not the last big push for Enter the Gungeon with Developer Dodge Roll (very apt name), prepping an expansion later this year or early the next year. Roguelikes as a genre could just sit on their own random elements but it is nice that care has been taken to make the game feel fresh through new content. This update will hopefully on be a step to the expansions leap.

To celebrate the release of the patch, the game is currently at 50% off on Steam. On the local storefront it is sitting at a very nice R79.50. Give it a go and remember that Steam refunds are still in full effect. So what’s the harm in running into your inevitable demise?

Enter the Gungeon is definitely worth a look for any fan of roguelikes or twin-stick shooters. In an already dense genre, it stood out with its own loot mechanic, manic bullet hell gameplay and heavy replay value. Let alone that fact that the game now has a monster that looks like Cthulhu. That is really all you need.

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